At Walk The Talk, we are dedicated to fighting global poverty on three platforms:

“The shirt fit perfectly! And it is so comfortable and looks so nice! I'll probably be buying more!"

Esther G.,

WTT Supporter

The Lives We Impact

“Congrats on the startup of your new line! And what a great cause. Looking forward to being a long time customer. The world needs more people like you!"


Justine L.,

WTT Supporter

“I love my shirt. It is super soft and comfy! Feel good about wearing it too!"


Kristin S.,

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Want To Pray With Us?

Walk The Talk is working to expand its area of impact and influence and, also, its inventory. As WTT's vision continues to expand, we have decided to initiate a prayer team to help bring these visions, projects, and expansions to fruition so that real lives can be changed. We invite you to join our prayer team. All you need to do is simply send an e-mail to!

​In 2016, Walk The Talk is embarking on a quest to make a lasting effort in the lives of many children in Guatemala. WTT is looking to improve the quality of education in locations where resources are scarce or non-existent. More info to come!

WTT to Guatemala in 2016!

We encourage each of our customers to wear their WTT gear out-and-about while they're in their hometown or while on vacation. Beyond that, we encourage them to snap a photo of where WTT is showing up in the world and send it to us!

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1) Clothe the Naked.

2) Feed the Hungry.

3) Educate the Uneducated.

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"Walk the Talk's shirts are amazing and stylish. Most importantly, knowing that it is all for a good cause makes all the difference. I am looking forward to new styles and waiting on the opportunity to be able to purchase/donate soon. May God be upon this ministry. God Bless. "

Stephanie G.,

WTT Supporter

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